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so_uncanny_ooc's Journal

Out Of Character
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This is the OOC journal for so_uncanny RPG.
Please remember. Everything and anything X-Men belongs to... someone else.

Check out so_uncanny for details on that...

The Rundown:
This RPG is meant for anyone with an interest in the X-Men: you do not have to own the comic books or even have seen the movies to play. Just have a general knowledge about the X-Men, and you'll do fine. Please note, however, that this RPG is for adult characters only (i.e.: staff of the mansion, X-Men, refugee mutants living at the mansion, etc.). It may get a bit racy at times so no characters under 19, please.

*BEFORE YOU APPLY please check that your mutant's powers ARE NOT the same as another playing character! A little overlap is ok, but we would like not to have two people with the same ability. That also means no stealing the powers of established NPCs (No, you cannot control weather like Storm unless you are Storm! But you can control, say, water and therefore make it rain. You've got to modify a little). You can play more than one character, but at least ONE OF THEM should be a CANON CHARACTER! It can be a secondary character, but it's gotta be CANON.

The base of operations for the game is Xavier's School for Gifted Children in New York. It will take place somewhere shortly after the movies, but please note: as far as playing characters go NOTHING that has happened in the movies, comics or TV shows counts here. Consider this an AU for the X-men where anything can happen. Mystique doesn't have to be Nightcrawler's mother; Syrin and Pete Wisdom don't have to be lovers; etc. It's up to you. Nothing that has happened in the past is set in stone unless you specifiy it in your character's bio or it is currrently being played out. If you've got ideas for past connections with others, you have to make it known to them that you want to play it that way (unless they're NPC, of course). NPCs will be played as close to the comics/movies as possible, unless or until someone claims the character. If you love your character but they were always a bad-guy in the comics, and you want to be an X-Man? *poof* Here you're a good-guy.

You do not have to be a character from the series; if you want, you can make up your own character, or you can choose a secondary character and develop him/her. The "UXN" fansite is a great website for info on all X-Men characters and general ideas for your own character. But please remember that, if you want to play more than one person, you have to take on ONE canon character.

OTHER INFORMATION -- See so_uncanny for other detailed information on joining and Moderation rules.

last updated: 02.21.2005 -- lj